Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friends - Anyone wishing to input into Death Fast Replanning...

Good morning. 

An obvious oversight to last evening's note - Anyone wishing to input into any Death Fast replanning as introduced below, to be at all qualified, would need to have read for deep, deep understanding and grasp, not only the forthcoming book 2, "Resurrecting the Insanely Human Unviolent Warrior in You,"   but also the recently released book 1, "Global Warming's Death.  Fast. Till enough are seen dying for it, global warming won't stop,"  available here.

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I'm holding on day 38, taking half ration calories so I can think again, and finish book 2, and maybe replan.

I expected zero interest, as that is what I've had on every campaign since the Darfur campaign 5 years ago.  Yet:

*  The world's leading activist, Diane Wilson, endorsed the book 1, "Global Warming's Death. Fast.", and by implication, applauded the Death Fast weapon.

*  There has been interest, from my friends and Family in Occupy DC since day 1, AND IT SEEMS TO BE MATURING, AS ACTIVISTS SHOW RAPID MATURING, BY THE DAY.

*  Hope and Brian have really invested themselves near full-time on getting up to speed on the details of the campaign, issues... approaching true partnership.  Two others are showing some inclinations to move in that direction as well.

*  There has been an international article, thanks Brian, LA Times, and also Chicago Trib, Vancouver, International Hispanic....

*  Hope penetrated Earth Policy Institute and they took an endorsing stand - Lester Brown's group, Plan B 3.0.

*  It appears that with fiery passion, clear vision, deep wisdom and humanity, someone is near joining the Death Fast, but with a question about optimal timing....

What does this mean for the current Death Fast?  I don't know yet.  I'd rather not decide in a vaccuum, but this is way to advanced for input from those that are not yet equipped, in my view.

Book 2, Resurrecting the Insanely Humane Unviolent Warrior in You - a Personal Trainer, is soon to be completed.  It is a much more challenging book to write, and to use, than the first, so it is going slower than I anticipated, but coming along well.  It so happens, that anyone that reads it in DETAIL, and uses the tool a few times deeply, would in my eyes, be qualified to provide useful input to me as to what Loving should do now to best serve humanity - A.  Resume the Death Fast when the book is written (the current 80% probability), or B.  Consider leveraging the points above and moving from this Death Fast, into recruiting mode for one to begin in about 6 months?  or C. ?

As soon as the book 2 is sent to you in a better edited draft from me than book 1, 2-4 days from now, I'll resume the Death Fast, currently holding at day 38.  But I'll be plenty lucid for another 3-6 days for review of incoming major issue/suggestion edits from EACH of you I pray, and for those who do so, and who indicate that they are seriously using the Trainer, I'll invite them to submit input/join in a discussion of how Loving, and the Death Fast, should go forward.


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