Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 38 Holding. Friends, IMPORTANT - Planning from here forward of Death Fast

I'm holding on day 38, taking half ration calories so I can think again, and finish book 2, and maybe replan.

I expected zero interest, as that is what I've had on every campaign since the Darfur campaign 5 years ago.  Yet:

*  The world's leading activist, Diane Wilson, endorsed the book 1, "Global Warming's Death. Fast.", and by implication, applauded the Death Fast weapon.

*  There has been interest, from my friends and Family in Occupy DC since day 1, AND IT SEEMS TO BE MATURING, AS ACTIVISTS SHOW RAPID MATURING, BY THE DAY.

*  Hope and Brian have really invested themselves near full-time on getting up to speed on the details of the campaign, issues... approaching true partnership.  Two others are showing some inclinations to move in that direction as well.

*  There has been an international article, thanks Brian, LA Times, and also Chicago Trib, Vancouver, International Hispanic....

*  Hope penetrated Earth Policy Institute and they took an endorsing stand - Lester Brown's group, Plan B 3.0.

*  It appears that with fiery passion, clear vision, deep wisdom and humanity, someone is near joining the Death Fast, but with a question about optimal timing....

What does this mean for the current Death Fast?  I don't know yet.  I'd rather not decide in a vaccuum, but this is way to advanced for input from those that are not yet equipped, in my view.

Book 2, Resurrecting the Insanely Humane Unviolent Warrior in You - a Personal Trainer, is soon to be completed.  It is a much more challenging book to write, and to use, than the first, so it is going slower than I anticipated, but coming along well.  It so happens, that anyone that reads it in DETAIL, and uses the tool a few times deeply, would in my eyes, be qualified to provide useful input to me as to what Loving should do now to best serve humanity - A.  Resume the Death Fast when the book is written (the current 80% probability), or B.  Consider leveraging the points above and moving from this Death Fast, into recruiting mode for one to begin in about 6 months?  or C. ?

As soon as the book 2 is sent to you in a better edited draft from me than book 1, 2-4 days from now, I'll resume the Death Fast, currently holding at day 38.  But I'll be plenty lucid for another 3-6 days for review of incoming major issue/suggestion edits from EACH of you I pray, and for those who do so, and who indicate that they are seriously using the Trainer, I'll invite them to submit input/join in a discussion of how Loving, and the Death Fast, should go forward.


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