Saturday, June 23, 2012

Death Fast Restart, now? Who knows. Not me, yet

To my inexpressibly kind, would be benefactor - I've not forgotten your immense offer to replace the laptop, and continue the wifi.  I'm aglow with the thought of the kindness.  And it opens a whole new avenue for me.

But, what is the right avenue?

I wrote recently about how the death fast changed the field, the battlefield. Yes, and no.

Has it shown me other INSHE Warriors?  No.  It has shown me that there currently are none.  Harsh?  Hmmm.  Well, I run a 105 characteristic gauntlet, pretty harsh, at least once per day, and when I run the most promising folks I've seen through it in my mind, uh, no, no INSHE warriors, not by a mile.  Potential?  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At least two that if they applied themselves, ran the gauntlet daily, Personal Trainer, or multiple times per day, could travel the distance in weeks, or a few months, that I've taken 60 years to travel, and be INSHE Warriors.  But will they?  Unsure. No signs 'yes,' and, entropy wins by default.    PT 105.  If I don't continuously burn with blue hot flame, on most, or near all of the characteristics, I'll not start the fire.  Close only counts in horse-shoes and hand-grenades.

And then there is this - 'Till enough are seen dying for it, global warming won't stop. When enough are seen dying for it, global warming will stop.'  Hmm.  That is still the bottom line.  1000 starts with 1.

What constitutes "Dying for it?"
  1. Good intentions?  Uh, no.  Good ideas, of stuff in the future?  Uh, no.
  2. Folks year end, here in DC on 40 day hunger strike.  If disciplined, somber, serious, resolute to resume on a 2nd, 3rd, 4th... wave after wave till they've won?  Yes.
  3. TALK of #2? Uh, no. 
  4. Dying for the next 6 months 7/24 to make such a miracle as #2 happen?  Yes.
  5. Intentions for #2? No.
  6. Talk, intentions of folks doing hunger strikes around the country?  No.
  7. The Miracle of #5 happening? Yes, but Miracles only happen when one(s) devote, focus, totally commit themselves.  They don't happen part time, by wishing, hoping.... They don't.  
  8. One or more devoting themselves to becoming INSHE warriors, using the PT multiple times a day for deep training?  Probably.  But no indications of anyone but me doing that.
So, as it stands, I stand alone. 

A.  What is the best course for Loving if he remains the lone INSHE warrior fighting environmental Armageddon?  Probably immediate death fast.  1000 starts with 1.
B.  Does he calculate that 1 or two will devote themselves to becoming INSHE warriors, now, fast enough?
C.  If he calculates 'yes' to B, and it appears unlikely, but if he calculates 'yes,' does he delay by 6 months his death fast?
D.  Does he calculate yes to #2, #4, #7, #8 above.  BASED ON WHAT SOLID INFORMATION?

Much to decide.

In the meantime I make do with this netbook (can you hear me scream?!?!?!!?), work on finishing the books, re-establish the software for transcribing the new essays, and for creating audio book versions.

And deal with the heat.

Loving u



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