Saturday, June 23, 2012

Comments? 096. I reject lip-service from myself, others, for the deadly delusion that it is

096. I reject lip-service from myself, others, for the deadly delusion that it is
I don't grasp what it is about lipservice, the enormous seduction that it is.  I should grasp it.  My goodness I've personally fallen victim to it's call, a lot in my early years; and watched people victimized by it in industry for decades.  But because the work that I did was so high-stakes, so failure is not an option, throughout my adulthood, I have neither personally partaken of, nor worked with much, people of lipservice. Hence I don't have the grasp I would like to of what's at work there.
Activism is the last refuge of scoundrels, my brothers and sisters all.  Is it a malicious plot, is it a conscious plot?  No.  With few exceptions the answer is 'no.'  But that makes it more deadly, not less deadly.  More deadly because it's so unrecognized, so accepted, like scurvy and other diseases of old, and what's unrecognized goes untreated, undiagnosed, accepted, along with the resulting carnage.  
Lipservice is a tonic for the ego, and often cloaks itself as a necessary statement of intentions for oneself, and for one's audience; as necessary and meaningful direction.  But it's all an illusion; it's all delusion. 
The potent unviolent warriors throughout history, they're people of deeds.  They're people of deeds because they know words to be too little too late, by a factor of 4 or 40.   The potent warriors are people living the family emergency response.   Words aren't going to save their family from the suffering and death.  Actions are.   The heart knows that words tend to beget words; action tends to beget action. 
Our society is so sick, that those that farther than most; those that get as far as aggressively articulating their noble desires and good intentions, are understandably so impressed with themselves, and so encouraged.  It feels so good to state what is needed, to state what is right, that with few exceptions they get stuck there, and stuck, and stuck, and contentedly never do the world any good.  They substitute the words and the good feeling of articulating the words for the accomplishment, or the committed, unrelenting, unceasing commitment in action to accomplishment. 
This is so understandable.  This is so totally deadly - to our global neediest, which is now the entire future of humanity as we're faced with near certain environmental Armageddon. Lipservice in this day and age more than ever is immensely understandable friends, and it is totally deadly, to your personal hopefulness, helpfulness, to your personal joy, to your chance at giving humanity a future.
And, it is epidemic.

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