Friday, September 28, 2012


Loving's comment: Anyone that REALLY cares about the future needs to be technology neutral, and you are not, so far.  The one bottom line, according to the one scientific and moral guru, Dr. Hansen, is no more than 35 ppm more (158 gt more) by 2050 - 425 ppm max. Period.  Right now with 9 gigatons of carbon going in the atmosphere yearly, 2 ppm / year (9 gt per year), increasing 3% per year, we'll be more than twice that:  2050-2012= 38years * 2ppm = 76 ppm additional by 2050, more than double what preserves any future for the next 200 billion children.  We'll be over the maximum by 2029 at our current rate.  You really put technology preference over that Bottom Line?  "NO," you say!  But you do.  You are overlooking lobbying, implementation.  I too greatly prefer wind and solar. Hugely.  But there may not be enough lobbying or citizen mobilization to get that done, in time, all, for wind and sun.  You really are going to sacrifice the next 200 billion kids on the altar of technological purity?  Really?  You need to fight for, not a particular technology, but a max of 35 ppm, 158 GT max of Carbon burned, by 2050, LESS THAN HALF OUR CURRENT RATE.  Your, and my only concern must be to ACHIEVE that, by whatever technological and political means are best available.  Our next 200 billion kids need us to focus on 'need to have', not 'want to have.'

Nuclear power is the Betamax of the energy world

The Guardian (blog)-7 hours ago
So I think it is worth spending a little time talking about why nuclear power is the ... Even a group called Supporters of Nuclear Energy is now questioning the cost ...

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