Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 2. Global Warming's Death. Fast. Aged 20 years by a diagnosis?

Day 2 and I feel like day 60.  Wow.  Day 2 has never felt like this.

Is it the blood tests that say anemia, the diagnosis, or is it the diagnosis, the anemia hitting me.  My backpack that was 35-45 libs now feels 80.  My 2lb each Secret Service boots now feel 8lb each.

There is likely hospital time ahead for the Death Fast and this month was the month I had to renew my Medicade so today has been about a 40 block walk, this far.  Well, a walk, stagger, sit....

I'm at 1000% peace.  I'm a Bangladeshi father with the unspeakable gift of being able to put my body in the way of Environmental Armageddon for my children, and grandchildren, in the most powerful city on Earth.  What a luxury.  What a Divine Blessing.

Next Wednesday I go back, uh, stagger back for the blood test results, for this latest round, Creator willing.

Woke up to rain.  Massive rain called for this evening and tonight.

We're dead, and soon the miracle of our resurrection will be impossible, unless you work a miracle, and find 40 with the sanity, the moral imagination, to put and keep their bodies in the way of this soon unstoppable Environmental Armageddon.

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