Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unviolent Warfare is 98 Pct Unverbal

Unviolent warriors, unviolent warfare is 98% unverbal, nonverbal; it has to be because of the psychology involved. 

Unviolent warfare fights for a new and radically different status quo - women having the right to vote, civil rights, no more slavery, Mubarak gone…. This, succeeding, is a total paradigm shift.  It’s a shift that is visual, visual in the sense that it is a shift in the way of ‘seeing’ the world and undoubtedly, although this is cognitive not of the retina, the circuits of the brain involved are of the visual cortex. 

It was seeing thousands in Tahri square, joyfully giving everything, including their lives, that cause the global paradigm shift, the global shift in status quo.  It was seeing the 30 freedom riders, it was seeing the prior flight of freedom riders being so brutalized but not retreating, it was seeing 200 women in prison on hunger strike and being force-fed, that caused the instantaneous shift in the mental status quo. 

Words, decades of advocating set the stage for this, helped create the fertile ground.  But the shift did not happen in the speech center, or in the part of the brain that deals with speech.  It happened in the visual cortex or close there to.  It was a shift in how to ‘see’ the world caused by the introduction of living models - Example.

And it was through the vicarious learning that occurred by looking at people in whom the shift had obviously taken place, wow, wow, ‘be the change you wish to see in the world.’  Be one of the new paradigm, of the new worldview, of the new status quo, that you might be the evidence thereof, that you might be the catalysts for the shift by others.  Be the model, as a house might be the model in a new housing development to help prospective ‘buyers’ visualize.   

Be that which can be vicariously learned from and do not dilute that visual opportunity with words or with too much words.  Supplement with words, explain with words, narrate with words….

But massive paradigm shift, mass shift into our hearts is not a verbal exercise.  It requires opportunity for visual, vicarious learning by seeing others that have already made the shift and would rather die than shift back.

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