Saturday, June 9, 2012

Looks like tomorrow, Sunday, night, book 2. Help?

Hi.  I just couldn't clearly see the end of this book 2 project, but now I can.  Barring any calamity, like being bled dry by these mosquitoes, or being too slow to escape threats like tonight's that I be arrested for using the same electrical outlets I've used all of the last 3 weekends (what was that about?),  Sunday night, tomorrow night, you will receive a really solid Book 2 that I, the next 2000 generations desperately need you to read, deeply, and to make whatever strong, negative or positive comments that you think can have a major, constructive impact on the value of the book.  All 96 essays, 96 character traits of history's effective, unviolent warriors, are 100% done, 6 are partial but need finishing touches, much or the preliminary credits, who is the book for, dedication... has been done.  A huge portion remains, the spreadsheet based Personal daily Trainer, but I've given that much thought technically, design, function... so I expect it to roll out quickly.

A day or two later you'll receive book 1, I'm quite sure, including incorporation of the one set of detailed suggestions I received, from Brian.  Draft 6, new dedication, new first essay targeted at Romm (Rome), Brown, Hansen, telling them among other things how they could save my life (Yes, literally.  I'm entitled to a little gallows humor.)

I'm functioning very well, and this is likely to continue at least thru the end of this week. Can't project beyond that.

Those that do a detail read of both books, will have probably qualified themselves to see if they think the Death Fast as currently planned and executed, can be improved, thought thru, and in all likelihood any thoughtful, deep, deep from the heart replanning from and with such individuals can be monumentally important, to the next 2000 generations.

Confidentially, Hope has reported what may be a monumental step forward - Lester Brown's organization's plan to begin blogging on the Death Fast - the first real spine shown by any of the global warming leaders, ever, except for Hansen under Bush 2.  Hasn't happened yet.  Let's stay quiet on it, and see.


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