Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012: Death Fast Restart - Global Warming's Death. Fast.

"Plans are worthless.  Planning, is everything."  General Dwight D. Eisenhower

"I'll allow just one tyrant in my life, the still, small voice, within."  Gandhi

"There is no God higher than the Truth.... Truth is God."  Gandhi

"I consider myself a soldier, though a soldier of peace."  Gandhi

"Those with the privilege to know, have a duty to act," Albert Einstein

Gandhi was adamant about 'oaths,'  He took many, against eating meat, to continue on a hunger strike until his demands were met, etc.  Odd, I think, because for him the greatest living human was Leo Tolstoy, who's writings on the contents of the original Greek Gospels created the man we know as Gandhi, and central to Tolstoy's translations is the commandment - 'Take no oaths,' one of only five.

In any case, as I've often written, stated and lived, for me there is only one thing that does not change - the ultimate value of life, and all of creation, and the ultimate, all encompassing duty, the ultimate joy of devoting one's life to the ultimate service of life, Heart, Creation.  And at this the most consequential moment in history, the only unalterable in my life, is to do my part with every breath, of preventing the Global Warming Meteor from destroying the future of the next 2000 generations; even if I have to base it on the profoundly inadequate information we are provided by the environmental intelligencia - 'we're in trouble,' in dozens of scholarly articles every day, is not .01% of the information we need to responsibly act.  Everything else, tactics, strategy, what to do in the very next second, are open - whatever seems most promising, most useful, most hopeful at that instant.  "I'll allow just one tyrant in my life, the still, small voice, within."  Gandhi

The death fast began, well, I don't remember when, but about 60 days ago or so.  I did not expect by today to any longer be alive by today, June 19th.

But the Death Fast continually changed the field, and that continues.  "Plans are worthless.  Planning, is everything."  General Dwight D. Eisenhower.  The Death Fast was, and remains, the only realistic hope to be seen anywhere for averting environmental Armageddon.  This came clear to me about 9 weeks ago, and has only gotten clearer, since.  The next generation bunker buster is the correct weapon for destroying Iran's deep labs.  Both are obviously the correct weapon.  The time and place of deployment, however, are variable.  And neither, is sufficient, but without them, mission accomplished is impossible.

This first Death Fast, has changed much on the field of battle where Loving fights.  I expected to see zero change, zero, within my time  But I was incorrect.  Among the changes:

  1. Allies, and maybe even a partner or two have emerged.  I say maybe out of caution, and respect.  "I think she said she 'yes' to marrying me, but I want to give her time to be sure.'  This changes things dramatically.  What might we do together that Loving couldn't by himself.  Loving, who has been on the field longer than they, if he is around a bit longer than just another 40 days or so, can they profit in strength and speed from that?
  2. A group of 'supporters' quickly emerged, and mostly departed as they came to understand what it was about.  But have all fled, permanently?
  3. Two books, never earlier contemplated, but suggested indirectly by pleas for written source material, have been drafted and made available - "Global Warming's Death. Fast," and "A Personal Trainer for the Insanely Humane Unviolent Warrior DF."  Should Loving remain alive for now, to promote these, explain these, tour with these, to help others modify one or both for wider audiences, use them to recruit for a later Death Fast restart? Where would the travel funds come from?  The organizing support?
  4. Among those who have been touched by the Death Fast, one of the most promising by far has spoken with fiery passion of leading a mass 40 day hunger strike here in DC in about 6 months time.  Would my help there be useful; more useful than some other options?
  5. Another of the most promising potential INSHE warriors has also has had thoughts of spending the next 6 months recruiting for a Death Fast, and has long argued that Loving could be better serve by working along with, and doing likewise.
  6. "Plans are worthless.  Planning, is everything."  General Dwight D. EisenhowerLoving has for the first time gained slight, but meaningful direct access to the global warming club (no, the club members, my brothers and sisters all, utterly don't see themselves that way; club members never do, but they clearly live and work by club rules, not real-world rules).  And, well, if there is a plan other than Death Fast in front of the Canadian Embassy, they've been perfectly effective in hiding any trace of it from Loving; Amadinejad would be envious.  There is no plan.  There is no 'failure is not an option' team - think Apollo 13, unless it is the best kept secret in DC.  And, those most qualifed by scientific and visibility, are ferocious, relentless, brilliant... about not stepping up to this.  Given factors 1-5, does Loving re-devote to doing what Hansen, Brown and Romm refuse to do, and so far, refuse to even help in the tiniest way with?  "PLANNING, IS EVERYTHING,"  Eisenhower.  Oh, they have regular forecasts, weather reports, wishes, demands, wants, directives.... BUT ZERO PLANS. ZERO PLANNING. ZERO 'FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION' TEAM.  And without these Environmental Armageddon is a CERTAINTY.  If not Loving, who?  If not now, when?  If not here, where?  As pitiful an effort as it would be, does Loving do what he can to assemble, centrally from the writings and talks of Hansen, Romm, and Brown, an updated Plan B 5.0?  An evolution of the Tracking Plan B blog?  TPB
  7. "Those with the privilege to know, have a duty to act," Albert Einstein.  Well, Loving has more experience and success turning around failing, desperate situations than anyone on the scene regarding environmental Armageddon, except Obama. But all on the stage so far, like Lincoln's McClellan, indicate they'll talk, write, demand, but  by their relentless, brilliant behavior they make clear that they won't plan to win, and they won't fight to win. So, praying every nanosecond that those already on the stage stand up, does Loving, regroup, and given factors 1-6, make yet another pitiful attempt to fill the gap - Planning and Leadership, giving himself a little more time to do so?  AS THINGS STAND, THE VACUUM IS PROFOUND, AND COMPLETE. Four of this country's finest citizens, as things stand, will be among the most reviled people in all of history - Pr. Obama, Lester Brown, Joe Romm, and Jim Hansen, in that order.  Albert Einstein, "those with the privilege to know, have a duty to act."  Blogging for the umteenth year in a row is not acting.  Saying to audiences all over the world, year after year for a decade or more, "War time speed!" and adding that this means 'call your senator,' , is, well, acting at war time speed;' it is hard to imagine how the fossil fuel industry could do more harm than this.  And Pr. Obama, like all three others, even he can't stop it.  But he can do his part of the job.  He will be remembered as the President, the most powerful man on the planet, that decided to finesse, rather than openly declare war to unhide the future obliterating 1. hidden costs of carbon fuels, and 2. the future eviscerating subsides to coal, oil, fishing, agribusiness....  His job is leadership, and instead he, along with the other three, have decided that Nevil Chamberlain is to be their model.  We're doomed, if they don't step up.
  8. From all day long watching 2 years ago December over the Health Care fight, I've recalled the end of the year political wrangling, horse trading window that exists year end, particularly this year with the Bush Tax cuts again to be decided on.  [Right?]  The Bush Tax Cuts are an abortion.  However, environmental Armageddon for the next 2000 generations is worse.  Even if 1-7 didn't pan out, would a Death Fast restart be more advantageous now, or mid November, in however small an attempt to bring moral pressure to bear (the ENTIRE hope in any case) at that more opportune time - end of December?
The two options I see are:

1. Return to Death Fast this week, as intended when the temporary halt was initiated 3-4 weeks ago so that the books could be completed.  There remains about 4 more days of work before the editing is done, audio versions, and video versions completed.

2.  Postpone the Death Fast restart until year's end, early to mid November, here at the Canadian Embassy.  I expect that if this option in pursued my primary base of operations will remain here, in front of the Canadian Embassy, 24/7 - keeping the flame alive in however small a manner.  However, earlier there may have been talk of some R&R in PA, and or in Santa Cruz.  Such options would be considered.

I don't know what I'll decide these next few days.  I'd prior announced that input from those who had read both books deeply, would be deeply welcome, and needed.  That remains the case.

Well, these and other

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