Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hope, Death Fast, EPI, Lester Brown, Plan B - Home run

Well, Hope thought that Earth Policy Institute should know that a guy was on Death Fast in front of the Canadian Embassy largely standing on Lester Brown's 'Plan B 3.0.' 

She took the initiative. 

The shocking thing in what has been an environmental movement that can't even conceive of doing what it takes to win, the stunning thing is that:  1st, EPI replied with a supportive quote from Lester Brown, and 2nd. well, see for yourself.

The last and major piece of book 2, "Resurrecting the Insanely Humane Unviolent Warrior in You - a Personal Trainer,"  is being transcribed as we speak, and should be out today.  My work on that is done, unless and until I get input as I've begged you for.

Then on to final update of Book 1, including the only detailed input I received, from Brian, with a new, open letter to Jim Hansen, Lester Brown, and Joe Romm (rome) BEGGING them to tell us what time it is, and to keep the time accurate at least quarterly. Right now, NO ONE KNOWS WHERE WE ARE, AND THEREFORE HOW FAST AND FAR WE NEED TO GO, with the possible exception of Jim Hansen, and that isn't enough.  These three must now come together under an updated Plan B 5.0, at least on the most imminent Carbon Meteor part, or we are doomed - we the people are missing the most important information on the most important issue in human history.  These three are the only ones that can fix this, maintaining a a common 'clock,' and they can do it in a relative walk, taking slings and arrows all the way.  But, hey....

Then I have the tech work of issuing audio book versions of the first two books, and then back into zero calorie Death Fast.

Hats off to sister Hope. 



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