Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 38 Death Fast status report

Audio on 21 of the previously uploaded video logs was incapable of being electronically transcribed, and I just don't have the speed, and strength, if I ever did, to manually transcribe them all  So I re-shot all 21 this morning, argh, and they are uploading now, and the transcriptions are moving ahead. 

It seems that despite my best efforts, not  ;) winking, I haven't totally done my part yet of driving everyone away.  Thank goodness. Not totally anyway, yet.  John, of Occupy DC, the one of strong heart, unwillingness to turn away from decency no matter what, brought me electrolytes and some other equipment I'll need as the end draws near here.  A number of you have sent encouraging emails while affirming recognition, as John did, my need for total solitude to finish the books, granting me the freedom to not reply.  Thank you, friends and Family.

I'm very tired.  I'm very weak.  I'm very, very, very thankful for this mission.  This is why I was born.  I knew it, from my earliest memories, not the exact 'what,' but the nature and magnitude of it.  I knew I was here to try to help, all of humanity.  To many I've appeared crazy for decades.  I knew what I was called to race toward, hopefully, in time.  Ultimately, this was it, tho I've done a lot of other important, consequential, large magnitude good along the way.  But this Death Fast, these books, ultimately this is why I was put on Earth.  I've been preparing, and I am fully, Joyfully, ably, capably ready to do my final parts. Thank the Creator.  Inexpressible joy and gratitude to be doing my part.

But I can't do anyone else's. 

And humanity is irredeemably doomed if others don't join.  Now. Forever.

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