Thursday, June 21, 2012

Computer stolen - I'd forgotten how close to the edge I, uh, live.

Computer stolen - I'd forgotten how close to the edge I, uh,  live.

I think the Creator just told me that it is time to resume the death fast.  Seriously.  8 hears or more he/she's had me devoting what industry paid $200,000 per year for, to humanity, and not only has it cost me everything material, but there isn't even support for the basic weapons I use - computer and internet - $50 per month with clear - $600 per year, a sword of damaclese that's hung over my head for years now, month by month - may be falling tomorrow, finally, the 24th.  That's a pretty clear Call Home to the Creator, don't you think? Duh. 'Hey man, no one down there gives a f*#%K about the next 200 billion people.  Time for you to come Home.'

Wow, in 8 hours I've gotten about 3 hours work done, and been away from the canadian embassy 3 hours of that, relegated to the little netbook I've used as backup only, drawing power from a cafe that really doesn't like me here. Wow, what a wound, for the probably $50 the vermin got for the computer. Literally.

To replace it, Dell Latitude E6520 is $1800 bucks.  Out of the question.

Battery, battery life, battery life... fast enough are the requirements of the weapon I need to fight.  I'm without a home, office, available power, so without long battery life, I'm beyond crippled.  And few computers provide what is needed.

I have a netbook that I use for extra battery life, while the Dell was charging.  Too slow for internet work, but ok for word or excel, and that work is just about done for me.  Argh.  I'm using it now, and it is almost unusable.  10' screen.

The dell had 8 hour battery life while online.

The cheapest that Best Buy has is about $480-500 for 4 hours life, 15" screen like the dell.

With that, I'd at least have half the day with a computer fast enough to do internet work and the video work I do.  Tho I'd be shuttling 2-3 times a day for recharging rather than the once.

The correct solution is about $750-$800 from Dell - the Vostro 3350, 13.3" screen, 10 hour battery life, fast enough for internet research, posting, and 

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