Saturday, June 2, 2012

1000 on Death Fast. Is the fastest road to that: A, or B.

Till enough are seen dying for it Global Warming won't stop.  This is the answer.

The question, how to make that happen the fastest.

1000 on Death Fast. Is the fastest road to that:

A.  Loving's Death Now as a tool for others to use to fan the flames?

B.  Loving and others (???) recruiting, promoting, full time, beginning soon, traveling (???) for a larger restart, here in front of the Embassy, in, oh, say, January?

This is a question that has recently been raised to me.  It is somewhat rhetorical, but, if there were any deeply responsible thoughts that any of you had, I'd be open to hearing them.



  1. Perhaps consider holding at whatever day is the bottom, so to speak, of each persons fast. Is it harder to ignore the dead or the dying? Multiple people at the embassy (or fasting elsewhere) I think draws more attention of the 1000 +/- who are needed than does the alternative. (scott from va)

    1. Ps: I hope you read book 1, and that you will deeply review and comment on book 2, I'll email it to you. Loving

  2. Hey brother. Hopefully we are both wise as an hour before your note I decided the same, for now. I'm holding at yesterday's time while I finish book 2. Loving Scott.