Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ps: Fw: Status Update. Death Fast Day 34

ps:  Just whining, looking for sympathy, or maybe just sharing.  Wow, on top of everything else, day 34, the heat and wind is really showing me how much resilience, flexibility, and reserves are totally gone now.  Must sprint on, hoping to be fast enough for book 2.  Desperately needing your read and comments when and if you get it, 2 days now, maybe.  I'm worried I won't finish.  Oh well.  Upsetting.


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Friends, Family, fellow travelers,

Thanks to friends and Occupy DC, John, Johnny, Louise, Brian, Jesse...

Book 1 is complete, available, and final edits due for inclusion in a week.

Book 2 - video logs are 98% shot and uploading last 24 hours.  Whew!
"Resurecting the INSHE (INSanely HumanE) Unviolent Warrior in You - the Potent pre-1970's Activism."  A Personal Trainer.

Still praying on the LA Times article but nothing yet.  Brian, awesome attempt.

Hope did a God-send of a video that I sent to you yesterday.  Should fill some of the yearning that some of you folks have had for something simpler, more compact, and it IS targeted at the younger activists.

Tho the hospitalization on the 15th included no calories, as per my request, the massive blood work they did surely is in large part why I'm still so lucid, that, and the zero cal electrolytes many have kindly brought me, that I'm allowing myself so the books can get done.  Then just water from there out.

Two days ago I had a 2 hour period of mental decay that alerted me that time is running out in terms of acuity.

Hence, I'm sprinting alone now till the books are done, in terms of daily maintenance and operation. Thanks to my Occupy DC friends and family, they brought me to that point. We've found enough outlets around the embassy area that worst case, I can keep myself powered with only 6 hours per day at a coffee shop, outside powering, at night, and more likely, zero time away at all - shuttling one machine to a friendly coffee shop to charge while I drain the other.  Risky, cuz I'm not supposed to leave my stuff, but I don't abuse the effort, so I keep the trip away to 1-15 min  Should be fine.  I hope I can be forgiven the exclusion of normal contacts, so the work can get finished.

This way, I'm wearing myself out, but, uh, big deal.  The important thing is to leave these two books.

Some significant mental degradation again today, lack of sharpness, but not too severe.  It'll be ok.

I'm gussing that mortality is still 3-4 weeks away, but one can never tell with these things.  In an hour I could go blind.  It happens sometimes right around day 34, but never to me, yet.

Hoping for your understanding, and patience.


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