Monday, April 23, 2012

***** YOU'RE SCREWED. UN's Moon calls for unconditional surrender to CO2 Global Destruction mothernaturenetowrk

If I'm incorrect I'll broadcast it far and wide.  His base is 16% renewable today.  And he is calling for:

  • 22% by 2020 32% renewables by 2030
  • 80% by 2020 renewables is what Lester Brown calls for
  • 44% by 2020 is what James Hansen is calling for AT MINIMUM, and 77% by 2030 I think, MORE THAN 3X WHAT UN/MOON ARE CALLING FOR.  

Within several weeks I hope to be much clearer.

UN calls for doubling renewable energy by 2030

Mother Nature Network - 
The United States is viewed as the 'logical country' to make the greatest strides in renewable energy due to its 'venture capital and investment community.

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