Saturday, March 31, 2012

article, sl comment: Global Warming: The controversy and the apathy

sLoving comment: Goodness friend, Hofstra, an elite institution, no? And yet this article is worthy of the intellectual rigor, academic and public affairs knowledge of a 1996 back woods grade school. If that is when and where this article was written, and by whom, a grade-schooler, then bravo. Otherwise, how in Heaven's name did such a vacuous, intellectually and informationally bankrupt piece make it into the paper of a leading University? Are there no standards? Oh, by the way, if you are going to claim conspiracy theory, or scientific theory, or whatever theory, if it is other than a psychotic, sociopathic rant, you need to back it up with verifyable, credible information. All of, the vast, 98% preponderance of information is with EVERY National Academy of Sciences on the globe, 98% of the degreed climate scientists that speak with unprecidented consensus - global warming is real and we have yet to catch up with how fast the horror is unfolding. They are being manipulated? Really? By whom? The massive 'science' grants, the new buildings on campus science departments, and hence research/chair/job/tenure funding are funded by the Coal/Oil whores Koch Brothers, Exxon, Shell.... Are you suggesting it is Gore's millions, or even Soros billions, that are competing with the Oil Industry, War industry Trillions? By what possible academic standard? You should be ashamed. America should be worried that such tripe is printed in a leading University paper in 2012.